Breakfast Places Amsterdam

Breakfast Places Amsterdam: Enjoy a perfect breakfast in the heart of Amsterdam

Breakfast Places Amsterdam: Amsterdam is for Breakfast Lovers

Indulge your senses and kickstart your day with a delightful breakfast in Amsterdam. Welcome to Hotel Vondel Garden, your guide to discovering the best breakfast places in this charming city.


Amsterdam is a haven for food enthusiasts, and breakfast is no exception. The city’s culinary scene caters to every taste, from traditional Dutch delights to international flavors. Embrace the Amsterdam morning ritual and savor a breakfast that sets the tone for the day.


Begin your day the right way with a good breakfast. Our curated list of breakfast places ensures that your morning meal is not just a necessity but a gastronomic experience. From cozy cafes to trendy eateries, we’ve got you covered. See the list below!

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Top 5 Breakfast Places Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s breakfast scene is as diverse as the city itself. Hotel Vondel Garden introduces you to places offering classic Dutch breakfasts, lavish brunch spreads, and international twists that cater to every palate. Our staff lives in Amsterdam and knows all the good places to go. We help you with finding the perfect breakfast place. Check our top 5 below:

  1. Gartine: Located at the Taksteeg 7, 1012PB Amsterdam. Gartine is a really cute French breakfast and lunch place. If you’re looking for fresh fruits, pancakes, croissants and freshly baked bread, this is your spot!
  2. PIQNIQ: Located at the Lindengracht 59 hs, 1015KC Amsterdam. This cozy establishment is known for its laid-back atmosphere, welcoming interior, and, most importantly, its delicious breakfast offerings.
  3. Mortimer Amsterdam: Located at Nieuwezijds kolk 33, 1012PV Amsterdam. Great breakfast spot for lunch or breakfast, with it’s cozy setting, friendly staff and the best coffee.
  4. Staring at Jacob: Located at 215 Jacob van Lennepkade, 1054 ZP Amsterdam. Staring at Jacob is your favorite neighbourhood brunch bar serving their famous chicken and waffles and dirty Bloody Mary’s.
  5. Greenwoods Singel: Located at Singel 103, 1012 VG Amsterdam. For a delightful and modern dining experience in Amsterdam, look no further than Greenwoods Singel. This charming restaurant seamlessly blends contemporary ambiance with a touch of coziness, offering patrons a warm and inviting space to enjoy their meals.
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Centralized Locations for Convenient Mornings

Choosing breakfast places through Hotel Vondel Garden means selecting venues strategically located in the heart of Amsterdam. Enjoy your morning meal in the vicinity of iconic landmarks, canals, and parks, making your breakfast experience not just delicious but also picturesque.

Cafes with Character

Amsterdam’s cafes are more than just places to eat; they are cultural hubs. Hotel Vondel Garden directs you to cafes with character, where you can immerse yourself in the city’s atmosphere while enjoying a delectable breakfast.

Hidden Gems Off the Beaten Path

Explore breakfast spots that might not be on the typical tourist trail. Hotel Vondel Garden reveals hidden gems, allowing you to discover quaint cafes and eateries that locals frequent for a truly authentic Amsterdam breakfast experience.

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Breakfast Places Amsterdam: Perfect Hotel for the Weekend

For those on the quest for exceptional breakfast places in Amsterdam, your exploration is about to meet its perfect accommodation counterpart at Hotel Vondel Garden.


Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, Hotel Vondel Garden is strategically located to complement your breakfast excursions. Imagine waking up in a cozy room and stepping out to explore the vibrant breakfast scene of Amsterdam, with charming cafes and renowned eateries just a stroll away.


Hotel Vondel Garden ensures that you are not just close to the best breakfast spots but also within easy reach of Amsterdam’s iconic attractions. From picturesque canals to world-class museums, your morning explorations can seamlessly transition into a day filled with the rich tapestry of Amsterdam’s cultural offerings.


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